International Medical School Graduates Facing Licensing Issues

International medical school graduates can face more than the usual licensing issues that domestic medical school graduates face, especially when dealing with the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG). Licensure for any profession can be a daunting task, especially when complicated by school, residency, professional, and personal issues. Medical graduates of offshore or foreign programs, though, have more credentialing requirements to satisfy than graduates of domestic medical programs. Yet obtaining a medical license from a state board of medicine is critical to a domestic medical practice and career. You can't generally practice medicine without a state medical board license. The Lento Law Firm's premier Professional License Defense Team is ready to assist international medical school graduates with their licensing issues. Call 888.535.3686 or complete this contact form now for the highly qualified license defense attorneys you need for your best licensing outcome. 

International Medical Graduate License Requirements 

Medical licensing within the U.S. occurs at the state level by individual state medical boards and their supporting administrative agencies. State laws generally prohibit medical practice without an active license from the authorized state medical board. You won't practice medicine in the U.S. without a license from a state medical board. State medical boards share common licensing requirements. In general, those requirements include your accurate and complete statement, verification, and documentation of your medical and other education, medical residency, medical examination, and good character and fitness for medical practice. Errors, omissions, and misrepresentations in your submissions, or submissions that do not meet the state medical board's statutory and regulatory requirements, can lead to the denial or later suspension and revocation of your medical license. You should be treating your medical licensing process with all due care and diligence. Get our help the moment you see an issue that might affect your accurate, complete, and timely submission of qualifying information. Don't hazard your medical licensure, career, and employment with an inaccurate, incomplete, or substandard submission. 

International Medical Graduate Licensing Issues 

All medical graduates, whether from the Caribbean, other foreign, or domestic U.S. medical schools, face common licensing issues. Retain our highly qualified Professional License Defense Team attorneys to help you address any of the following common medical licensing issues, whether before you make an incomplete, inaccurate, or substandard application, or after you learn from licensing officials of problems with your application. 

International Medical Graduate Records Issues 

You may find yourself facing disqualification from state medical board licensure because of falsified, incomplete, or unauthenticated degrees, transcripts, academic records, disciplinary records, medical or other examination results, criminal histories, applications, or other documentation, whether from you or as provided at your request by third parties, misrepresenting your qualifications for medical licensure. You may, in other words, be fit for licensure but get tripped up by documentation issues. 

International Medical Graduate Misconduct Issues 

You may alternatively find yourself disqualified from state medical board licensure because of transcripts, academic records, disciplinary records, examination records, criminal histories, applications, or other records showing that you violated medical school, medical residency, USMLE, or state medical board rules, regulations, codes, or standards. Your application may be accurate and complete, but you may have a history that prohibits your medical licensure. 

International Medical Graduate Fitness Issues 

You may alternatively find yourself disqualified from state medical board licensure because of medical student evaluations, medical resident evaluations, diagnoses, medical records, mental health records, criminal histories, divorce or other civil litigation files, or other records or reports indicating that you are unfit, unsafe, impaired, or otherwise incompetent or disqualified for medical practice. Professionalism and fitness issues can keep you from gaining a state medical board license. Let us help if you face these common issues. 

International Medical Graduates Special Issues 

International medical school graduates, though, face extra licensing issues in addition to those common issues listed above. International medical school graduates must generally complete the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) credentialing process to gain consideration for an unrestricted state medical board license. State medical boards use your ECFMG certification to ensure that you meet the board's educational requirements and qualify for U.S. graduate medical residency education. You also had to meet ECFMG requirements to qualify for your Step 3 USMLE exam. The ECFMG process adds a significant complicating layer of procedural and substantive requirements. Let us help with any of the following international medical graduate issues that can further complicate your state medical licensing board application: 

  • ECFMG issues with your international medical school, whether it continued to comply with ECFMG certification requirements for the duration of your international medical education; 
  • ECFMG issues with your international medical school's certification of your attendance, course completion, clinical performance, good character, and other school records; 
  • USMLE issues with your international medical school transcript, ECFMG certification for the Step 3 exam, and USMLE Step 3 exam performance; 
  • ECFMG or state medical board issues with your certification for your U.S. medical residency or your completion of your U.S. medical residency within ECFMG terms, conditions, and requirements. 

Premier Attorney Representation Available 

Appreciate all that you have at stake in your pursuit of U.S. state medical board licensure, following your international medical education and U.S. medical residency. When you seek state medical board licensure, you are taking the last step toward entering the medical profession for unrestricted practice, opening the door for you to abundant professional opportunities and all their rewards. You have at stake everything for which you studied, worked, and invested in your medical education and career. Don't risk all you have invested. The Lento Law Firm's premier Professional License Defense Team is available to assist you with your international medical graduate licensing issues, whether before the ECFMG or before your state medical board. We can also help you address underlying issues with your medical school and medical residency records. Call 888.535.3686 or complete this contact form now for our highly qualified representation. 


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