Professional License Defense for Medical Professionals in Reading, PA

Licensing Issues in Reading, PA

Licensing issues are a Reading, Pennsylvania professional's nightmare. Your professional practice is cooking along, and then suddenly, you learn you face potential license discipline. You may not immediately appreciate all that you have at stake, but you rightly fear for your professional practice and employment. The thought is enough to stagger any responsible professional. The key, though, is to promptly and directly address your licensing issue with the same energy, effort, and acumen on which you built your professional practice. Indeed, your professional capacities should give you the upper hand in beating your license issue when you retain Reading, Pennsylvania's premier professional license defense attorney with LLF Law Firm.  When you put the LLF Law Firm's professional license defense team on your side, you rest assured that you are doing everything responsible and possible to preserve your valuable Reading, Pennsylvania professional practice. Retaining LLF Law Firm should be your first move and is your best move, no matter whether you are a medical professional of any type or in a different Reading, Pennsylvania professional field.

Reading, PA Licensed Professionals

Reading, Pennsylvania, is a large enough metropolitan area to employ many outstanding licensed professionals in burgeoning medical, dental, psychology, counseling, therapy, and other healthcare practices, as well as engineering, accounting, and other fields outside healthcare. The Reading chapter of the Professional Referral Exchange boasts chiropractors, dentists, accountants, financial advisors, insurance agents, real estate agents, security professionals, cosmetologists, bankers, lenders, and other business, trade, and professional members. The Greater Reading Young Professionals organization helps to integrate new professionals into the exciting and growing Reading professional community. If you are a Reading, Pennsylvania healthcare professional or a licensed professional in any other field, the professional license defense team at the LLF Law Firm can help you defend and defeat your licensing charges. LLF Law firm attorneys provides winning license defense for doctors, dentists, nurses, physician assistants, chiropractors, counselors, and therapists, service professionals like accountants, architects, engineers, and licensed professionals in many other fields.

Reading, PA Licensed Professional Employers

The Reading, Pennsylvania metropolitan area has large healthcare institutions, local offices of large accounting and engineering firms, and many other employers of licensed professionals. A professional practice in Reading can be a rewarding experience, given the size, sophistication, and quality of Reading professional employers. For example, Tower Health's Reading Hospital, including its McGlinn Cancer Institute and Reading HealthPlex for Advanced Surgical & Patient Care, is a leading healthcare provider in Pennsylvania, employing many experts and outstanding medical professionals. National companies employing professionals in local Reading offices include the tax-advising and accounting firm Baker Tilly, the disability services firm Easterseals, the engineering firm Ammeraal Beltech, and the pharmaceuticals and biotech company PharmaForce. Professional placement firms rank the following healthcare institutions and other organizations as among the best of Reading's professional employers:

  • SAI MedPartners, a global analytics firm serving the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device industries
  • Tower Health's Reading Hospital, providing award-winning and comprehensive medical services to the region
  • Prospectus Associates, providing residential services to adults with disabilities
  • PharmaForce International, serving the pharmaceuticals, biotech, and medical device fields
  • Entech Engineering, helping corporate, government, and nonprofit clients manage energy consumption
  • Reading Crane & Engineering, providing engineering, design, and manufacturing services

Professional Misconduct in Reading, PA

Professional misconduct in Reading, Pennsylvania, is probably more common than you think. Healthcare professionals and professionals in other fields generally don't advertise that they are facing a licensing proceeding. Licensed professionals face a fair amount of trouble about which they just don't talk publicly. Pull back the curtain, and you'll learn that you are not at all alone in facing licensing issues. Indeed, confidentiality is generally a wise step because of the potential harm to your reputation from widespread knowledge of your disciplinary proceeding. License issues have common causes. Causes are important because you'll need to show disciplinary officials that you've gotten to the root of the problem, to successfully defend and defeat your license charges. When it comes to causes, Reading, Pennsylvania professionals are little different from professionals in other areas. Licensing issues often have their source in:

  • Poor physical health brought on by injury, illness, aging, or lifestyle issues
  • Poor mental health exacerbated by stress from work or relationship issues
  • Substance abuse and addictions aggravated by stress and poor health
  • Alcohol abuse, drunk driving, and working while intoxicated
  • Inappropriate professional relationships with patients, clients, or peers
  • Financial mismanagement, including severe debt and bankruptcy
  • Unstable family relationships, including new dependency and divorce
  • Sexual misconduct with patients, clients, or professional colleagues
  • Criminal charges and convictions implicating professional unfitness
  • Poor professional management neglecting practice obligations

The Stakes of a Reading, PA Licensing Proceeding

Don't underestimate the risks of a medical licensing proceeding or a license proceeding outside the medical field. Reading, Pennsylvania licensed professionals have everything at stake when they face a licensing proceeding. Medical professionals, in particular, hold a public trust. Medical licensing officials have the statutory obligation to protect the public against serious potential professional harm, including sexual assault or other interpersonal violence, abuse, neglect, malpractice, and even extortion or other financial fraud. Licensing officials take that public charge seriously, suspending or even revoking the license of physicians, physician assistants, chiropractors, nurses, therapists, counselors, and other medical professionals. A suspended or revoked license means that the medical professional cannot practice unless and until the licensing board reinstates the license. License suspension or revocation means losing professional practice, employment, and income. It can also mean losing employment benefits like health insurance, disability insurance, and retirement contributions. Loss of income and employment affects personal finances and family relationships. Loss of professional practice, employment, and income can also seriously affect mental and physical health and personal relationships. You have everything on the line when facing license discipline in Reading, Pennsylvania.

Reading, PA Licensing Authorities

Licensing authorities in Reading, Pennsylvania, are generally state-level boards. States, not locales, license professionals in most instances, although counties and cities may in some instances require other approvals or registrations that depend on state licensure. Pennsylvania's State Board of Medicine, for instance, licenses physicians practicing in Reading. Physicians in Reading facing a license issue will thus be dealing with Pennsylvania State Board of Medicine officials. The State Board of Medicine also licenses acupuncturists, athletic trainers, behavior specialists, midwives, geneticists, orthotists, perfusionists, physician assistants, prosthetists, radiologists and radiology technicians, respiratory therapists, and surgeons. Other state boards, like Pennsylvania's State Board of Nursing, license other medical professionals and professionals in non-medical fields. Reading, Pennsylvania medical professionals in these fields must obtain and maintain a license from the State Board of Medicine. Medical professionals attempting to practice in Reading without a license or on a suspended or revoked license can face stiff penalties under the state's Medical Practice Act. The stiffest of those penalties for practicing on a suspended license can never again hold a professional license. As a Reading, Pennsylvania licensed professional, you must respect the authority of your state licensing board.

Reading, PA Licensing Proceedings

Licensing proceedings in Reading, Pennsylvania, follow the procedures of the relevant state licensing board. State licensing boards generally publish those procedures for you and your retained attorney to review, although licensing officials may also follow office guidelines or unwritten customary practices. Your retained professional license defense attorney should know those procedural practices and preferences to put them to your best use. In general, though, disciplinary proceedings have both an investigatory process and adjudicatory process. Here, as elsewhere, knowledge is power. Knowing how your license proceeding may unfold can help you navigate the proceeding successfully, cooperating with and supporting your retained professional license defense attorney. And procedures are important. Unfortunately, license proceedings can devolve into veritable witch hunts. Don't let that happen to you. Retain a Professional License Defense attorney with LLF Law Firm to ensure that your Reading, Pennsylvania licensing proceeding follows appropriate procedures resulting in the dismissal of all charges. Keep your professional license to preserve your Reading, Pennsylvania professional practice. Although procedures may vary among professional licensing boards, common procedures include:

  • An accusation stage, when you first learn of the possibility of disciplinary charges. You may learn directly from the patient or client, indirectly from a colleague or acquaintance, from your professional employer, or by other rumors or reports. Don't ignore information about accusations. Prompt and diplomatic follow-up may forestall a formal complaint and license proceeding.
  • The complaint stage, initiated when you receive formal written notice of the disciplinary charges against you. A formal complaint does not mean that discipline will surely result. It does generally mean that disciplinary officials have enough information to proceed against you. Your timely, clear, comprehensive, and correct answer to the complaint, prepared under the guidance of your retained professional license defense attorney, can thus be critical to your defense.
  • The investigation stage, when disciplinary officials gather your records and information, and you and your retained attorney develop your defense. Official investigation doesn't mean that you've necessarily violated professional rules. Sometimes, disciplinary officials just need your information to clear up confusion over who did what to whom and when. But at the same time, you and your retained attorney will treat investigation requests most seriously, as if your license depended on your effective response.
  • The pre-hearing stage, when you and your retained attorney will prepare for the disciplinary hearing while communicating and negotiating with disciplinary officials for the dismissal of charges without a hearing.
  • The hearing stage, when disciplinary officials present their evidence to an independent hearing panel, your retained professional license defense attorney challenges that evidence, including cross-examining adverse witnesses, and you and your attorney presenting exonerating and mitigating evidence in defense.
  • The decision and appeal stage, when you and your attorney evaluate the decision and, if the decision is adverse in any part, evaluate, prepare, and pursue an appeal to the next higher authority to correct errors in the initial decision.
  • The license reinstatement stage, when you and your retained attorney prove to disciplinary officials that you have met all conditions for reinstatement of your license after any suspension or other discipline.

How to Respond to Reading, PA Licensing Proceedings

You should unquestionably respond to your Reading, Pennsylvania licensing proceedings by taking prompt, committed, and effective action. The overriding strategy for a successful defense is to attend responsibly to every stage of your licensing proceeding. Ignoring or minimizing the proceeding is always your worst enemy. And the key action to ensuring your devoted attention to your licensing proceeding is to retain the best professional license defense attorney available in Reading, Pennsylvania. Once you retain the LLF Law Firm's professional license defense team, you can rest assured that you are handling your matter most responsibly toward a winning defense. Your next approach should be to follow your retained attorney's instructions carefully. Respond promptly to every call, letter, email, text, or other communication from your retained attorney's office. And don't respond to communications from others about your disciplinary matter without first clearing your response with your retained attorney. Don't be your worst enemy in your disciplinary proceeding. Instead, get the help you need, and rely on that help for your winning defense.

Premier Professional License Defense in Reading, PA

Professional license defense attorneys at LLF Law Firm are champion defenders of Reading, Pennsylvania licensed professionals. LLF Law Firm Professional License Defense team's special skills and extensive experience help Reading, Pennsylvania professionals facing licensing proceedings get winning results. When you retain LLF Law Firm for your Reading, Pennsylvania professional license defense, you also gain the services of the LLF Law Firm's winning professional license defense team. Retain a preeminent professional license defense attorney and winning license defense team now. Don't delay when your Reading, Pennsylvania professional license, practice, and career are at stake. Consider the true cost of losing your Reading, Pennsylvania professional license. Call 888.535.3686 or go online now.


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