Who We Can Help: Medical Professionals

The careers of licensed medical professionals depend upon their license remaining valid. Misconduct allegations and patient complaints can jeopardize a person's license and future, call their competency into question, and threaten their professional reputation. As an experienced professional license defense attorney, Joseph D. Lento has represented many medical professionals all over the United States who were facing issues with their licenses. In the face of allegations, you'll want his Professional License Defense Team on your side.

The Lento Law Firm can help the following licensed medical professionals with proceedings, including license investigations, disciplinary hearings, and reinstatement requests, among others:


Ethically and professionally, physicians are held to high standards by their state's Board of Medical Examiners. They can face disciplinary action for providing care outside the accepted medical standard. Allegations of sexual misconduct, insurance fraud, and the violation of medical ethics can all warrant an investigation, as can criminal convictions. Disciplinary actions may include formal reprimands, probation, or the suspension or revocation of one's medical license. All action taken by the board becomes a matter of public record. Even if a doctor manages to keep their license valid, this public display of alleged wrongdoing can be incredibly harmful to their public reputation. Attorney Joseph D. Lento and his Professional License Defense Team can interface with the board to help offset the damage of such allegations.


Dentists are required to carefully maintain patient records, and a high standard of care, as well as meet requirements for continuing education. Fail to meet these requirements or engage in conduct deemed unprofessional, and you may face consequences from your state's dental board. This may result in a formal reprimand or the total revocation of your license. The Lento Law Firm's Professional License Defense Team can help you favorably present your case to the board and pursue the best outcome possible.


The state nursing board disciplines nurses for a number of offenses, including DUI, criminal convictions, inadequate performance of duties, neglect, fraudulent license or certification applications, and so on. The board may revoke your license or suspend it, put you on probation with a wide range of reporting requirements, limit your license to certain practices only, or require continuing education courses before you can renew your license. The consequences depend largely on the nature of the alleged offense. The Lento Law Firm can represent your best interests before the board during both the investigation and any formal hearings. This helps ensure your side of the story is communicated to minimize the impact to your professional reputation and future.

Nurse Practitioners

Nurse practitioners are considered to be advanced practice nurses under the Code of Federal Regulations. Each state has its own unique laws for the licensure and certification of nurse practitioners. Because these professionals can perform many of the duties a licensed doctor can, like prescribing medications, NPs may face consequences for many of the same kinds of complaints filed against doctors. This includes the violation of ethical boundaries, improper medication handling, and criminal convictions, among others. Consult with the Lento Law Firm Professional License Defense Team as soon as you learn an investigation is underway.


Disciplinary action for audiologists often follows complaints of misconduct. From standards of care violations to insurance fraud, failing to meet continuing education requirements to the prescribing of unauthorized medications, audiologists face steep penalties for such complaints. If you've learned that the state licensing board is investigating you, it's important to take swift action. We can help you respond to the complaint and mitigate the impact it has on your future, no matter where you are licensed.


Because chiropractors work in close physical contact with patients, they are held to high ethical standards. Following accusations of unprofessional conduct or incompetent treatment, it's important to speak with a skilled license defense professional from the Lento Law Firm. Such an advocate can help protect your career and minimize the risk of you losing your license.


There are few things as sensitive as a person's mental health. When licensed professional counselors are accused of unprofessionalism, incompetence, or misconduct, the fallout can be significant. If you've learned of allegations against you and are concerned about a pending investigation, Attorney Joseph D. Lento can help. The professional license defense team works with LPCs, LMHCs, LACs, and other licensed mental health professionals who are facing allegations of misconduct.

Dental Hygienists

Like other medical professionals, dental hygienists sometimes find themselves at the center of disciplinary action by their state board. Accusations of incompetence, unprofessional actions, sexual misconduct, and drug abuse may trigger an investigation. Whether allegations stem from a colleague or patient, the Lento Law Firm can help protect your name and future career.

EMTs and Paramedics

Paramedics and emergency medical technicians (EMTs) work in high-pressure environments. Allegations of incompetence or misconduct can result in serious consequences, including the loss of license or certification. These disciplinary actions are often triggered by infractions like DUI and criminal convictions. Substance abuse, negligent medication handling, patient privacy violations, and violations of EMT standards of care can also warrant investigation. Allow us to represent your best interests and prove your competence to the licensing board. We'll negotiate for the best possible outcome and preserve your right to practice for years to come.

Marriage & Family Therapists

The work of licensed marriage and family therapists (LMFTs) is incredibly sensitive. When allegations of incompetence or misconduct arise, the fallout can be especially damaging. MFTs can face allegations of patient confidentiality violation, substance abuse, and practicing beyond the scope of their license. If you've been informed that you're under investigation, we can work to protect your interests, craft a viable defense, and pursue the best possible outcome.

Occupational Therapists

State licensing boards and codes of conduct through the National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy (NBCOT) hold occupational therapists accountable. When allegations of negligence, substance abuse, or misconduct arise, penalties can be significant. Our Professional License Defense Team represents occupational therapists facing disciplinary action to protect their reputation and future in the field.


Diagnosing and treating vision problems are just some of the duties of optometrists. These professionals are also required to adhere to a strict ethical code. Should complaints of sexual misconduct, criminal convictions, unprofessional conduct, or medication violations arise, an investigation may soon follow. We can represent optometrists nationwide facing such investigations and help them prevent the suspension of their licenses.


Safe, effective medication distribution is the goal of any quality pharmacist. When allegations of negligence or misconduct are made against these professionals, their future is called into question. Substance abuse, the dispensing of medication without a prescription, mistakes made while filling prescriptions, and insufficient patient counseling can all trigger an investigation. Allow us to represent your best interests to the licensing board and pursue the best outcome possible for your career.

Physician Assistants

Like physicians, physician assistants (or Pas) are held to the very highest of professional standards. Allegations of sexual misconduct, negligence, professional misconduct, or the inappropriate handling of medication can warrant investigation. With your license on the line, take action to protect your name and future.


Psychologists are trusted with the duty to diagnose and treat psychological issues. They also perform mental health assessments and do research to better understand personality disorders and mental illness. Given the weight of this kind of work, even a whiff of misconduct can kickstart an investigation and potential disciplinary action, including license suspension, revocation, and expensive fines. Complaints that trigger investigations often include substance abuse, sexual misconduct, patient confidentiality violations, and inappropriate behavior toward clients. An experienced license defense professional from the Lento Law Firm can help protect your reputation, license, and practice.

Speech-Language Pathologists

Like audiologists, speech-language pathologists are licensed by a state licensing board that holds professionals to high standards. Our team has a successful track record in representing speech-language pathologists during an investigation following allegations of misconduct, unprofessionalism, and fraud, among other types of offenses.

How Attorney Joseph D. Lento Can Help

As soon as you learn that allegations of misconduct have been levied against you, it's important to take action. An attorney can significantly improve your odds of a favorable result. Joseph D. Lento's Professional License Defense Team can:

  • Assess the complaint and help you understand what's on the line
  • Assist in drafting an effective response to the allegations
  • Advocate on your behalf in all licensing board proceedings
  • Represent your best interests before the board
  • Recommend whether to accept an offer of a consent decree
  • Serve as your representative in formal hearings before an Administrative Law Judge or the board
  • Arrange petitions for your license to be reinstated following suspension or revocation

If you're a medical professional who has been informed by the licensing board of an investigation into your license, don't risk waiting to take action. Attorney Joseph D. Lento can protect your license and mitigate the potential for damage to your reputation. Call the Lento Law Firm's Nationwide Professional License Defense Team today at 888-535-3686 or contact online to learn more.


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