The Lento Law Firm Team

The Lento Law Firm Team

Retaining a Winning Attorney and Team. Winning professional license defense takes a great attorney. Retaining a star license defense attorney can make all the difference in successfully defending a licensing proceeding and preserving your right and privilege to practice your profession. Definitely, with all that you have at stake in a licensing proceeding, hire the best available license defense attorney. But you can also do well when ensuring that your preeminent license defense attorney has a great team supporting the attorney's winning services. Stars make a difference, but even stars need a winning team. Professional license defense attorney Joseph Lento is a premier defender of professionals in challenging licensing proceedings. Attorney Lento gets winning results. Attorney Lento's winning professional license defense services depend on a winning Lento Law Firm professional license defense team. To retain a preeminent professional license defense attorney and a winning license defense team, call 888.535.3686 or go online now. Don't wait when your professional license and career are at stake.

Founding and Forming a Winning Team

The Leader's Passion. Attorney Joseph Lento is a consummate attorney professional. But attorney Lento didn't start with a silver spoon in his mouth. Attorney Lento's experience working hard to overcome obstacles to make a professional name and career for himself refined his character for courageous advocacy and passionate, winning attorney services. Yet attorney Lento's perseverance and drive to beat every challenge to become a professional also gave him a huge amount of respect for other professionals in all disciplines. Professionals don't get handed their professional degree, license, and practice. Professionals have to earn it. And so, when a professional license proceeding commences falsely alleging potentially disqualifying misconduct, attorney Lento is ready to throw himself into the fray in the professional's defense. Attorney Lento has a passion for seeing professionals flourish in their lives and professional practice. Attorney Lento knows not just what professional success takes but also what professional success brings. Attorney Lento thus determined to build a winning Lento Law Firm professional license defense team to provide professionals with the services they need to preserve all for which they have worked.

A Team's Winning Support. Clients typically retain attorneys, not necessarily law firms. Clients properly retain attorneys based on the attorney's professional record, standing, and reputation. Clients properly look to the leading attorney for their counsel, advice, advocacy, and other help. That's what leading attorneys do: guide, advocate for, and win for clients. Clients don't always initially appreciate that winning attorneys need a strong and winning team behind the attorney. Clients soon learn, though, about the strength of their attorney's team when clients realize all the work that winning takes. A leading attorney can't usually simply walk into the courtroom to win on reputation alone. Winning cases instead require preparation, organization, experts, evidence, and proof. And those things don't just show up on their own. Those things require the skills, services, and commitment of a strong team. Attorney Lento knows that leading attorneys win depending on their ability to recruit, retain, equip, and inspire a strong supporting team. Attorney Lento has thus committed to building the strongest possible Lento Law Firm professional license defense team to provide professionals who face misconduct charges with a winning defense.

Recruiting and Inspiring a Winning Legal Staff

The core of a winning professional license defense team is its strong legal staff. A winning professional license defense team must have talented associate attorneys, law clerks, and paralegals or legal assistants at the team's core. Winning takes a team of these legal professionals because effective and efficient legal services have several components and dimensions. Public advocacy before administrative law judges and government agencies, provided by a star attorney, is certainly one of those components of winning a professional license defense. But keen legal research, briefing, discovery, appeals, and other legal advocacy is another component critical to consistently winning. So, too, is document acquisition and retention, file organization and management, and other internal legal administrative work. Attorney Lento knew that he would need to build a talented legal staff to consistently provide winning professional license defense services. When you retain the Lento Law Firm professional license defense team, you retain a deep bench of skilled and committed legal professionals.

Professional License Defense Attorneys. Attorney Lento is the Lento Law Firm's founding and leading attorney. But he's not the only attorney the Lento Law Firm professional license defense team employs. Attorney Lento is experienced, wise, discerning, and successful. When a professional who faces misconduct charges and professional discipline retains attorney Lento, they get the best available professional license defense winning representation. But no attorney is omniscient. All professionals benefit from the insights and experiences of other professionals acting together as a team. Attorney Lento knows that having other talented and committed professional license defense attorneys on the Lento Law Firm team enhances the firm's winning services. Attorney Lento thus recruits and retains talented attorneys from the top law schools and practice groups to join the Lento Law Firm's professional license defense team. And attorney Lento trains, equips, supervises, mentors, and inspires those talented attorneys to enhance the team's winning services. When you retain attorney Lento, you retain a committed and coordinated team of winning professional license defense attorneys.

Law Clerks and Interns. Attorneys often do their own legal research and writing to their clients' benefit. Yet the law is constantly changing. And legal research and writing tools and conventions change quickly, too. Attorneys today are using electronic databases and search engines about which they had not formerly dreamed. Law students at the top law schools learn the latest law and research tools and methods. A law student from a top law school may have electronic research skills and electronic word processing talents that senior lawyers had no opportunity to learn. Winning attorneys don't fight change. They capitalize on change. Attorney Lento ensures that the Lento Law Firm's professional license defense team employs law student clerks to bring the latest research and writing skills to winning legal services. Attorney Lento keeps his eye on the top law schools to recruit law clerk talent to join the team. Law clerks don't generally do secretarial work. They are instead lawyers in waiting doing legal research and writing that licensed lawyers also do. Law clerks just do that research and writing with current knowledge and skills at a lower cost. When you retain the Lento Law Firm's professional license defense team, you retain skilled and committed law clerks for efficient, current, and cost-effective research and writing support.

Paralegals and Legal Assistants. A winning professional license defense attorney team also benefits from skilled legal administrative services. Producing high-quality legal work takes a substantial amount of administrative work that isn't actually legal work. Attorneys and law clerks have the law school education and training to do legal research, writing, discovery, counseling, and other advocacy. Attorneys and law clerks should be reserving their time, effort, and attention for that specialized legal work. To accomplish all the administrative work that goes along with winning legal services, a strong and efficient attorney team employs paralegals or legal assistants for that work. Paralegals generally have four-year undergraduate degrees learning how to administer and support legal services. Paralegals and legal assistants complete client intakes, open and maintain client files, order medical, school, work, and other records critical to the client's case, review and summarize those records, and do other similar tasks. Paralegals keep critical information at their attorneys' fingertips. When you retain the Lento Law Firm's professional license defense team, you gain the benefit of skilled, efficient, and cost-effective paralegal and legal assistant services.

Providing Special Investigation Services

Professionals know a lot about their own matters, including matters surrounding a misconduct charge or other threatened license discipline. Yet as much as a professional would generally know about a threatened or pending licensing proceeding, the professional generally doesn't know everything. The professional's need to discover hidden evidence for a successful defense can be especially acute when the misconduct charges involve false, unfair, or exaggerated allegations by disaffected, frustrated, or annoyed clients, patients, colleagues, or others. Sometimes, misconduct charges come out of left field, where the professional knows almost nothing about the allegations. But even when the professional has intimate knowledge of the alleged charges, the professional's knowledge often has gaps or only one perspective. Investigation services solve the problem of missing, hidden, or concealed evidence. Investigation services also solve the problem of disciplinary officials sandbagging the professional with false reassurances when those officials are preparing a case for license suspension or revocation. Attorney Lento and the Lento Law Firm's professional license defense team deploy investigation services in many cases for a winning defense.

What Investigators Do in License Defense Cases. Professionals who face misconduct charges or other license threats often don't expect to need investigation services, even though they may be familiar with detective investigations in criminal cases. But skilled investigators have many things they can do to challenge unsupported misconduct allegations and to discover exonerating or mitigating evidence in the professional's defense. Investigators identify witnesses, locate witnesses, and take written or recorded statements from those witnesses to ensure that their stories don't change at the licensing hearing. Investigators search for government, business, court, and criminal records and obtain authenticated copies of those records for use at the licensing hearing. Investigators can even perform surveillance or obtain and review security videos, police videos, and police reports to evaluate allegations. Investigators also often have relationships with police, other government, and professional sources to use for investigation leads. Attorney Lento and the Lento Law Firm professional license defense team know how and when to use investigation services and on what critical issues. That's how a winning team performs.

Employing Investigators. Attorney Lento takes an even more-productive approach to ensure that the Lento Law Firm's professional clients have ready access to high-quality investigation services. Most attorneys employ investigators on a contract, case-by-case basis, as outside consultants, if they employ investigators at all. But attorney Lento wants to ensure that the Lento Law Firm's professional clients have investigation services on every conceivable issue, right when the case would benefit from those services. And so, attorney Lento has recruited, hired, and employed in-house investigators rather than solely using them on an outside-consultant, contract, case-by-case basis. Having an investigator in-house can make all the difference to the team's prompt and consistent use of investigation services. And attorney Lento doesn't just hire any investigator. Attorney Lento instead recruits and employs skilled investigators, including former law enforcement officers with decades of experience on Special Investigation Units. When you retain the Lento Law Firm for your professional license defense matter, you gain access to special investigation services. That's what makes a winning license defense team.

Intelligence Analysis. Attorney Lento takes one more step in winning a professional license defense that few other attorneys know about or take. Attorneys, paralegals, and investigators can amass reams of data and hordes of information about a client's case. The problem often isn't getting access to the stacks of documents, folders of electronic data and files, detailed phone records, or financial accounts. The problem is often instead understanding what the data means. Winning professional license defense often requires finding the proverbial needle in a haystack. Or winning defense can take finding the pattern in the voluminous record or evidence. Intelligence analysts exercise exactly that skill. They analyze voluminous data and records for the key patterns or pinpoint evidence. Attorney Lento has formed a strategic partnership with an intelligence analysis firm to make the services of an experienced intelligence analyst available for professional license defense. We won't give away any secrets here. But when you retain the Lento Law Firm for professional license defense, you gain access to powerful intelligence analysis for winning the most difficult cases.

Access to a Network of Expert Consultants

The Critical Role of Expertise. A talented and cohesive inside team of attorneys, law clerks, paralegals, and investigators forms the core of the winning Lento Law Firm's professional license defense team. But professional license defense services can benefit from the expertise of outside consultants. Ethics rules generally prohibit attorneys from testifying in matters in which they represent a party. Clients retain attorneys not to testify but to advocate. Yet to win a license defense proceeding, skilled attorney advocates also need witness testimony and not just testimony from fact witnesses who have first-hand observations to report and recollect. Professional license defense often benefits from expert testimony. Expert testimony reviews records, exhibits, and fact testimony, to opine on issues influencing what the administrative law judge or hearing panel should do or not do. Expert witnesses can have an extraordinarily influential rule, especially as they testify on technical and scientific matters that lay decision-makers would not necessarily understand. Attorney Lento has spent many years recruiting and equipping a talented roster of consulting experts. When you retain the Lento Law Firm, you gain access to a rich network of expert consultants for winning professional license defense.

Expert Issues in License Defense. The type of expert whom the Lento Law Firm may employ on a professional's behalf in winning license defense depends on the issues that the professional faces. Misconduct charges can involve an array of allegations, everything from incompetence to financial improprieties, alcohol or drug abuse, or even threats of violence. Each of these issues can require different expert review, testing, examination, report, opinion, and testimony, from different experts having diverse education, training, skills, and experience. Experts can do all of those things from simply reviewing records to testing materials, examining the professional, making a diagnosis, giving a prognosis, writing detailed reports explaining the expert's opinions, and giving influential testimony by deposition or in person. Attorney Lento and the Lento Law Firm professional license defense team may hire an unusual variety of experts, depending on the individual case and its unique circumstances and issues. But here are the issues on which experts may fruitfully opine in the more-common professional license defense cases and the types of experts having those qualifications:

● For misconduct charges involving incompetence, including neglect or substandard performance of care, the Lento Law Firm team may retain experts who have the same or similar education and experience, and who hold their own licenses, in the professional's same specific discipline or field such as medicine or medical specialty, nursing, attendant and aide care, counseling, therapy, cosmetology, barbers, estheticians, athletic or fitness trainers, accounting, engineering, child development, and the trades

● For misconduct charges alleging financial improprieties like overbilling, billing for services not provided, and mismanagement or conversion of client or patient property or funds, the Lento Law Firm team may retain experts in accounting, forensic accounting, bookkeeping, office management, healthcare billing and fraud, information technology, banking, and finance, and handwriting analysis and identification

● For misconduct charges involving alcohol or drug abuse, like performing while under the influence, drunk or drugged driving, or drunken and disorderly conduct, the Lento Law Firm team may retain substance abuse specialists, addiction specialists, drug and alcohol education experts, toxicologists, psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors, family counselors, and therapists

● For misconduct charges involving sexual misconduct including consensual intimate relationships, inappropriate touching, sexual harassment, sexual assault, or stalking, the Lento Law Firm team may retain experts in sexual addiction, sexual identity, sexual deviance, sex offense registry, psychiatry, psychology, marriage counseling, human resources, and professional ethics

● For misconduct charges involving violence or threats of violence, including issues of anger management, emotional control, mental health, bullying and cyberbullying, stalking or harassment, and personality disorders, the Lento Law Firm team may retain experts in psychiatry, psychology, neuropsychology, counseling, therapy, law enforcement, security, surveillance, and related mental health, safety, and security fields

Early Deployment of Expert Services. Attorney Lento and the Lento Law Firm professional license defense team know how critical expert testimony can be in winning professional license defense cases. Expert witnesses often carry the day, when the professional license defense attorney team properly retains, equips, prepares, and calls them to testify. But prompt retention of just the right expert can do more than win a later hearing. Prompt retention and deployment of expert services and resources can forestall a license proceeding entirely or resolve it early before it even approaches a hearing. Disciplinary officials generally investigate misconduct allegations before filing formal misconduct charges. The professional who is a subject of a misconduct investigation often learns of the investigation before officials file misconduct charges. Disciplinary investigators may contact the professional to explain the allegations, or the professional may learn of the allegations through clients, patients, or colleagues. When the professional who faces an investigation promptly retains a skilled professional license defense team, and the team retains influential experts, the reports and opinions of those experts may lead investigators to favorable recommendations and may discourage officials from pursuing formal charges. A stitch in time can save nine. Attorney Lento and the Lento Law Firm team win many professional license defense matters before officials file them or before officials proceed to a formal hearing. Better to head the cavalry off at the pass than to let it run over you.

Expert Resources and Services as a Value Add. Attorney Lento and the Lento Law Firm's professional license defense team generally retain experts with the expectation that the expert will report and testify in ways that influence the administrative law judge or other decision-makers to decide in the professional's favor. The professional's immediate goal is generally to defend and defeat the misconduct charges. Adept expert testimony that a skilled defense attorney presents can win the licensing hearing. But attorney Lento knows that expert consultants can do much more than simply win professional license defense cases. Expert consultants also bring services and resources that can improve and transform a professional's life. Some misconduct charges are complete fabrications. Yet many charges, though they may be unsupported, unfair, exaggerated, and deficient, nonetheless point to a personal or professional issue that the professional could proactively address. Where there's smoke, sometimes there's also fire. Attorney Lento doesn't just want to win the license defense case for a professional whose character and conduct may soon produce another misconduct charge, perhaps more serious and credible, and thus more difficult to defend. Through contact with the testifying expert, clients may also receive education, counseling, therapy, treatment, medication, equipment, or referral to address a personal or professional issue before it harms or destroys the professional's practice. Attorney Lento doesn't just want the Lento Law Firm's professional clients to win their license defense. Attorney Lento wants his professional clients to recover, grow, and improve so that they can flourish beyond their professional practices in their personal and family lives.

What's At Stake that Warrants Hiring a Winning Team

Attorney Lento has plainly formed a uniquely qualified, winning Lento Law Firm professional license defense team. If you are a professional facing misconduct charges or other threatened license discipline, you shouldn't doubt the skill and value of the Lento Law Firm's professional license defense team's services. But you also shouldn't doubt your wisdom in retaining those services. Don't underestimate the threat that a licensing proceeding poses to your professional practice. You may be sure of your own innocence. Yet if officials have threatened or filed misconduct charges, they usually have some supporting evidence for those charges. You may also believe that your potential sanction would be at most a minor reprimand. But licensing bodies generally have broad authority to impose more than reprimands, right up to license suspension and revocation, even for technical violations like the failure to report reportable conditions and offenses or practice on a non-renewed license. The point is that you don't necessarily know the evidence against you or the sanctions that officials may impose. And any license sanction can threaten your professional practice, even so little as a reprimand can cost you clients, patients, privileges, and employment, not to mention reputation, distress, and embarrassment. In any licensing proceeding, you have enough at stake to retain the best available professional license defense services.

A Winning Attorney and Team for Value-Added Services

Professional license defense attorney Joseph Lento has built a premier team of talented attorneys, law clerks, paralegals, investigators, and expert consultants for your winning license defense. The Lento Law Firm professional license defense team doesn't just get winning results, preserving your professional license and practice. Attorney Lento's winning professional license defense services also offer you resources and expertise that can improve and transform your personal life and professional performance. Your field or discipline does not matter. Nor do the nature of the misconduct allegations or charges you face, your skill or experience, or your geographic location. The Lento Law Firm professional license defense team is available for your winning defense. To retain a preeminent professional license defense attorney and winning professional license defense team, call 888.535.3686 or go online now.


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