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Barbers have been providing invaluable personal care services for millennia. During the Covid-19 pandemic, when many barbershops were temporarily closed, Americans saw firsthand how valuable barbers with talents for cutting hair, trimming beards and mustaches, and shaving were to our everyday lives. As a barber, your career has stability because your skills will always be in demand—as long as you have your license.

When customer complaints or failed inspections threaten your barbering license, the experienced Professional License Defense Team at the Lento Law Firm are here for you. Our nationwide team of legal professionals will help you defend yourself from disciplinary actions by your state's licensing agency and will help you keep your career on track.

The Importance of Barber Licenses

Every state in the country requires its barbers to be licensed. Barbers and hairstylists use scissors, razor blades, clippers, and shaving tools on multiple clients per day and have to be trained in proper sanitation practices to prevent the spread of diseases. By licensing barbers, a state's Board of Barbering or State Board of Cosmetology can ensure that practitioners know how to work with clients in a safe and sanitary way.

To receive a license, barbers must meet certain requirements. Most states require at least a high school diploma or a GED, and the majority require barbers to complete a training or educational program at a barber or cosmetology school. In some states, you may have to participate in an apprenticeship. After completing the requirements, you must pass an exam that covers topics like haircut and shaving techniques, sanitation and hygiene practices, and safely using chemical processes.

Barbers may also be required to undergo a background check. Some states will not grant a barber's license to people with certain types of convictions. Others may revoke or suspend a barber's license if they are arrested or convicted of new felony or misdemeanor charges. If you have been arrested and are worried about how it will affect your barber's license, the Lento Law Firm Team can review your case and give you advice on how to proceed. Our team understands the added stress that dealing with a licensing board or agency can create in your life and will work on your behalf to resolve issues that can affect your license.

Barber License Disciplinary Actions

The state entity that regulates barbers is often the Board of Barbering or the Board of Cosmetology. Either of these (or a similar agency) has jurisdiction to inspect barbers and their businesses to ensure that they are complying with state regulations. The board's agents can issue notices of violation, assess fines, and refer barbers for further disciplinary actions if necessary.

Disciplinary action against barbers often occurs for several reasons. Some of the most frequent include:

  • Improper Disinfection: failing to disinfect tools like scissors or clippers between clients can lead to the spread of disease.
  • Improper Storage: storing liquids, creams, or powders in improper, open, or unlabeled containers could lead to mistakes or injuries to clients.
  • Unsanitary Tables, Chairs, or Equipment: failing to keep the shop clean and hygienic can lead to complaints and violations.
  • Unlicensed Business, Employees, or Contractors: working for an unlicensed business or having unlicensed employees can lead to the barbershop being shut down.
  • Criminal Convictions: some states may discipline a barber for criminal convictions, especially felonies, that are unrelated to their barbershop or profession.

It is not uncommon for barbers to receive occasional fines or violations. When these violations add up or involve injuries to clients, however, the state board may decide that stronger disciplinary measures are required. The board could decide to impose fines against you or your business, suspend your license, put you on a period of probation, or revoke your or your business's barbering license.

If you are facing disciplinary action from your state's Board of Barbering, don't wait to get the help you need. Protect your career and your reputation by contacting the Professional License Defense Team at the Lento Law Firm today. We can represent you and respond to the state Board on your behalf and work towards a resolution that lets you continue with your career.

The Disciplinary Process for Barbers

The disciplinary process for barbers usually begins after a state inspection or a complaint from a customer. Most states require at least an annual inspection from the state, and additional inspections may be scheduled if a client makes a complaint. When the state inspectors find multiple violations or facts that justify a customer's complaint, they can refer the case to the Board of Barbering for discipline.

The Board of Barbering (or a similar agency) has many options to discipline barbers. Most commonly, fines are issued for each violation found in a barbershop or other place of business. While fines might seem inconsequential, they can add up quickly—especially for multiple or repeated violations. Additionally, amassing fines and violations can negatively affect your business' reputation. Many states have records of fines and violations assessed to barbers that are available for public viewing online.

In cases of serious misconduct, the state licensing agency has additional options. These can include suspending a barber's license, putting restrictions on the barber's license to prevent them from performing certain services, revoking the license entirely, and closing down a barber's business. When the licensing agency is considering these options against your license, they will hold a hearing to weigh the evidence against you. At this hearing, you have the right to be represented by legal counsel and have the right to present your case in your defense. At the Lento Law Firm, our Professional License Defense Team has helped barbers and stylists around the country fight to keep their licenses intact.

Barber License Defense Team Available to Help

It can be disheartening to face a complaint from a client or a failed inspection that may negatively affect your barbering license. At the Lento Law Firm, our Team is trained in administrative law and understands how to handle your type of case. Our professional license defense team will help you respond to your licensing board's request, gather evidence and witnesses, argue your case in front of the board, and help you appeal negative decisions if possible.

Don't wait to get the help you need when your barber license is on the line. Call 888.535.3686 or contact us online today and learn more about how we can help.


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