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Tradespeople are uniquely talented. Their work ethic is unparalleled, but their contributions to society are often overlooked. Since tradespeople provide truly essential services to our daily lives, many states have formal requirements for licensure. These regulations help ensure basic levels of professionalism and safety standards are met.

For those who work as licensed tradespeople, a quality reputation and active license are everything. When the state licensing board informs you about a complaint – and that your license is at risk – your world can feel completely upended. A single accusation of misconduct can jeopardize your career, even if that allegation is based on a misunderstanding. Disciplinary action may be taken by the licensing board, impacting your reputation and even threatening your license.

State licensing boards have a lot of power to impose penalties on tradespeople, even with a low burden of proof. Working with a professional license defense attorney is the best way to protect your future and license. Attorney Joseph D. Lento and The Lento Law Firm Professional License Defense Team have the experience necessary to assist licensed tradespeople around the country face when they face potential disciplinary action.

Licensed Tradespeople We Can Assist

The trades are typically regulated by state licensing boards. When allegations of unprofessionalism, misconduct, or policy violations arise, an investigation may be triggered. The Lento Law Firm can assist members of any of these trades facing potential disciplinary action from their licensing board:


After years of thorough training and apprenticeship, plumbers must pursue certification or licensure through their state board. If they fail to offer quality, reliable service or cause damage to a client's property, the trust may erode. Disciplinary action may follow accusations of fraud, code violations, false advertising, negligence, or operating beyond the scope of their license. Plumbers accused of such violations should contact the Lento Law Firm for guidance before answering complaints.

Building Inspectors

Building code compliance officers and inspectors work to maintain safe structures in our communities. They enforce local building codes in hospitals, schools, factories, and fire stations, ensuring that buildings are kept in good condition. These professionals are experts on codes and regulations since violations frequently result in damages, fines, and loss of license. The licensing board also takes action following accusations of unprofessionalism, negligence, criminal convictions, and the falsification of records. In the wake of such allegations, an experienced attorney can help you respond to the complaint and minimize the impact on your reputation. The Lento Law Firm has extensive experience in this unique area of the law, and serves clients coast to coast.

Fire Inspectors

Fire inspectors work to ensure that buildings are up to code in regard to fire safety. They evaluate cooking equipment, sprinkler systems, heating units, and more to help make commercial spaces safer. In most states, these professionals must undergo hours of training before they become officially licensed. Since they're the first line of defense against code violations, this rigor makes sense. One oversight can lead to expensive property damage and potential loss of life. That's why one allegation of negligence, record falsification, or actions outside the scope of certification can be so damning. Attorney Joseph D. Lento and his Professional License Defense Team can help shed light on your side of the story and protect your license.

Electricians/Electrical Contractors

The work of electricians and electrical contractors can be incredibly dangerous. Wiring systems, electricity, and equipment can all be very harmful when handled incorrectly. That's why so many states require electrical contractors to undergo extensive training and apprenticeships before they're formally licensed. The professional license serves as proof of this training and experience. When electricians face accusations of negligence, they may come under fire for failing to meet requirements. Allegations of unprofessional conduct, failure to meet continuing education requirements, and other forms of trust violation can also trigger an investigation. A qualified license defense professional from the Lento Law Firm can help assess the accusations and craft an effective defense strategy.

Environmental Health Experts

Environmental health experts protect the public from exposure to pollution, pests, and hazardous substances, among other contaminants. They help enforce laws that regulate sanitation, asbestos levels, lead safety, and indoor air quality. They're required to be fully trained in these areas to be effective in the field. Many of these tradespeople are licensed for their specific area of expertise. The public's overall well-being rests on how effectively these professionals can do their jobs. Fail to meet expectations, and the consequences can be significant. Accusations of criminal convictions, negligence, falsification of records, or unprofessional conduct can all challenge the public trust. The Lento Law Firm can help you address these allegations and protect your future career.

HVAC Technicians

It's important that heating, cooling, and ventilation systems are properly installed in homes, businesses, and public buildings. HVAC technicians are responsible for these projects and also routinely test ductwork for heat loss, leakage, and air quality issues. Most states require HVAC technicians to be formally licensed or certified before beginning work. While the majority of these professionals undergo extensive training before they get licensed, even the most senior HVAC professionals can find themselves in trouble following accusations of misconduct. False advertising, the falsification of records, negligence, and unprofessional conduct can all trigger investigations into a person's license. Attorney Joseph D. Lento and his Professional License Defense Team can represent your best interest and help you mitigate penalties, including suspension, fines, or the revocation of your certification.

Contractors (Construction)

Most states require general contractors to be duly licensed as they complete a wide variety of construction projects. These professionals ensure that work is completed in accordance with specifications, plans, and timelines. When accusations of fraudulent practices, negligence, code violations, or the hiring of unskilled laborers arise, contractor licenses may be jeopardized. An investigation into such allegations may result in penalties, including fines or license revocation. If you've been accused of professional misconduct, we can help minimize the impact and try to have the complaint dismissed entirely.


Welders must be licensed and pass a certification exam before they can start working in many states. American standards for welding safety demand expensive equipment and careful precautions to minimize the risk of injury from electric shock, molten metal, sparks, and dangerous gases. When safety standards are violated, disciplinary actions may soon follow. Welders face expensive fines as well as the suspension or revocation of their license. If you've been cited for safety violations, your future may be at risk. Contact the Lento Law Firm to help avoid excessive penalties and prevent additional reputation damage.

The Impact of Professional License Defense

Facing a license investigation without the representation of a qualified attorney significantly increases the odds of severe penalties. That's because tradespeople tend to be unfamiliar with disciplinary proceedings until they experience them first-hand. The reality is that the licensing board has immense power and a relatively low burden of proof to find someone liable. Attorney Joseph D. Lento is an experienced professional license defense attorney who can up your odds of coming out of the process with little to no damage to your license or professional reputation. The Lento Law Firm Team can:

  • Serve as your legal representative in all licensing board communications
  • Craft a strong defense strategy and write a strong response to complaints
  • Collect evidence and interview witnesses
  • Communicate with the licensing board to negotiate the dismissal of a complaint or ask for leniency
  • Serve as your legal advocate should a hearing occur

A minor lapse in judgment or brief misunderstanding can lead to the suspension or revocation of your license. With your career on the line, it's important to be proactive. Attorney Joseph D. Lento has experience assisting tradespeople nationwide faced with disciplinary action from licensing boards. Allow him and his Professional License Defense Team to represent your best interests. Call 888-535-3686 or contact us online to get started.


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