Professional License Defense for Medical Professionals in Paterson, NJ

Licensing Issues in Paterson, NJ

Whether you are in the medical field or another professional field, practicing professionally in Paterson, New Jersey, can be a great privilege, considering the area's sophistication and charm. But Paterson professionals are not immune to professional licensing issues. Paterson, New Jersey professional practice presents the same general challenges and specific demands that professional practice in other New Jersey locales demands. You can get into license trouble in Paterson just like professionals face license troubles elsewhere. And licensing issues in Paterson, New Jersey can be just as much of a professional nightmare. No professional wants to wake up to another day of fighting license discipline to save a professional practice and career. You may not at first appreciate all that you have at stake in a disciplinary proceeding. But you are right to suspect that licensing issues are exhausting, burdensome, and distracting, naturally leaving you with many questions. Get all the answers to your questions, and get the best available defense, by retaining professional license defense attorney Joseph D. Lento. Leave no stone unturned in your effort to defend your professional practice. Retain the best defense.

Professional Misconduct in Paterson, NJ

Sometimes, a licensing issue comes out of left field, with the professional having no sense that any problem was lurking. Troubled patients, clients, and even colleagues can make false, exaggerated, or misguided allegations that the accused professional had no reason to expect and has little reason to fear, provided the professional's skilled and experienced license defense attorney can show the allegations' lack of merit. Often, though, the professional may be able to discern and address causes that contributed to the licensing complaint. Addressing those causes upfront can be greatly helpful to a winning defense. On other occasions, the professional facing discipline could have easily seen it coming and may even have had a good chance at avoiding it with the proper action and needed support. If you face Paterson, New Jersey licensing issues, look carefully for their source, and prepare to address that source responsibly. That's how you help your retained professional license defense attorney build a winning defense. Paterson, New Jersey licensing issues can include these common causes:

  • Problems with physical health due to injury or illness
  • Poor mental or emotional health from lifestyle, stress, or trauma
  • Drug addiction related to mental and physical health or social factors
  • Alcohol abuse, including drunk driving and working under the influence
  • Professional conflicts with patients, clients, colleagues, or employers
  • Loss of housing due to roommate conflict, rental sale, and eviction
  • Loss of transportation from vehicle breakdown or ride interruption
  • Bad finances, including unpaid bills, mounting debt, and bankruptcy
  • Family challenges, including pregnancy, child-rearing, and divorce
  • Sexual misbehavior involving patients, clients, or colleagues
  • Crime indicating safety concerns or professional unfitness
  • Personal management problems with practice and life obligations

The Stakes of a Paterson, NJ Licensing Proceeding

To get your Paterson, New Jersey licensing proceeding right with the strongest possible defense, first appreciate what you have at stake. Professionals, especially those in the healthcare field, cannot generally practice without a license. Unlicensed practice can mean losing future opportunities to earn or reinstate a license. In some instances, it can also mean civil damages or regulatory penalties. If you lose your professional license, even to a short suspension, you must generally immediately stop your professional practice. License suspension or revocation means you may lose your professional employment, income, and benefits. Lost income and benefits can mean lost housing and transportation. From there, the losses can cascade into family disruptions like separation, divorce, and lost child custody. With all of those losses can come mental and physical health decline and simple lost enjoyment of life. This picture is sad but too often true. It is not too much to conclude that licensed professionals have everything at stake when they face a licensing proceeding. Don't scare yourself, but also don't ignore what's really at stake. Instead, make your first move your best move by retaining professional license defense attorney Joseph D. Lento. Minimize your risk and maximize your future.

Paterson, NJ Licensing Authorities

States, not cities, counties, or other locales, generally license professionals. Very likely, your greatest concern as a Paterson, New Jersey professional facing license disciplinary proceedings is with the state licensing board. Paterson, New Jersey, does require certain mercantile licenses. Paterson businesses may have to register for a license that the city intends to protect consumers against business fraud. But local officials do not generally investigate professional license issues. State officials instead do so. For example, physicians practicing in Paterson, New Jersey, must maintain a current license from New Jersey's Board of Medical Examiners. The Board of Medical Examiners asserts that it “is responsible for protecting the public's health and safety by determining qualifications of applicants for licensure, establishing standards for practice, and disciplining licensees who do not adhere to those requirements.” New Jersey's Board of Medical Examiners also licenses acupuncturists, athletic trainers, electrologists, genetic counselors, hearing aid dispensers, midwives, perfusionists, and physician assistants through subordinate boards and advisory committees. Other New Jersey state boards license nurses, chiropractors, dentists, and other healthcare professionals and professionals in other fields. Those licensing boards have the state statutory authority to suspend or revoke the licenses of Paterson, New Jersey professionals. Respect and prepare to answer to those state authorities if you face a license disciplinary proceeding.

Paterson, NJ Licensed Professionals

Paterson, New Jersey, supports a wide range of thriving professionals in healthcare fields, service fields, and the skilled trades. Paterson has a large enough population, healthy enough culture, strong enough regional economy, and diverse enough housing, schooling, and recreational opportunities to offer those professionals a balanced and flourishing lifestyle. You know the value of a Paterson, New Jersey professional practice because you chose to practice in that desirable locale. In the healthcare field, Paterson, New Jersey search firms are hiring hematologists, oncologists, and other physicians, registered nurses, surgical nurses, advanced practice nurses, certified nurse assistants, licensed behavioral health professionals, private practice therapists, physical therapy clinic directors, certified respiratory therapists, and marriage and family therapists, and other professionals in non-medical fields. St. Joseph's Health System in Paterson is alone in hiring physical therapists, respiratory therapists, recreational therapists, registered nurses, certified medical assistants, pharmacists, social workers, paramedics, and many other health professionals. Popular Paterson, New Jersey professional services include personal trainers, tax preparers, architects, exterminators, contractors, nutritionists, roofers, and many other professionals. Any of these professionals can face disciplinary charges. Professional license defense attorney Joseph D. Lento and the Lento Law Firm's license defense team are available in Paterson for the winning defense of healthcare professionals, including doctors, dentists, nurses, physician assistants, chiropractors, counselors, and therapists, service professionals like accountants, architects, and engineers, and licensed professionals in many other fields. Preserve your Paterson, New Jersey professional practice by hiring the best available license defense.

Paterson, NJ Licensed Professional Employers

Professionals practicing in Paterson, New Jersey, need not hang out their own shingle as sole practitioners. Paterson, New Jersey, offers abundant employment opportunities for professionals to join sophisticated, quality corporate employers. In the healthcare field, St. Joseph's University Medical Center, Barnert Hospital, and St. Joseph's Children's Hospital all employ Paterson healthcare professionals. St. Joseph's Wayne Hospital, St. Mary's General Hospital, Hackensack University Medical Center, Chilton Medical Center, and Valley Hospital all employ healthcare professionals nearby to Paterson. In other professional fields, Precision Prototypes, Power Battery Company, Liberty Elevator, Wilkstone, and Glenro are among the many other companies employing engineers and other professionals. Large multinational corporations like T-Mobile, Xerox, TD, MetroPCS, Herbalife, Univar, and Cintas also employ Paterson professionals. Paterson, New Jersey, and its surrounding area are a thriving region in which to build and maintain a professional practice. You know the value of your Paterson practice. Safeguard your practice against license discipline by retaining premier professional license defense attorney Joseph D. Lento.

Paterson, NJ Licensing Proceedings

Paterson, New Jersey disciplinary proceedings before state licensing boards follow board procedures, whether in the medical field or other fields. While your retained professional license defense attorney knows those procedures, you can improve your defense prospects by knowing those procedures, too. Your fruitful cooperation with your retained defense attorney may depend on your anticipating what's up and what's next. Disciplinary proceedings involve both an investigatory process and adjudicatory process. Accusations and allegations from a patient, client, or colleague may trigger disciplinary officials' preliminary review. If the allegations appear to show licensing violations, those officials may serve you with a formal licensing complaint. You and your retained attorney must timely answer that complaint at the risk of default sanctions. Your answer and disclosures that your retained attorney helps you make may result in the complaint's dismissal. If not, the disciplinary officials will investigate, including interviewing or deposing you for your records, recollection, and explanation. Pre-hearing discussions may lead to dismissal of all charges or some other favorable resolution. If not, your retained attorney will help you challenge the disciplinary officials' charges and evidence at a hearing, where your retained attorney will also help you present your witnesses and other defense evidence. Your retained attorney will also prepare and advocate your appeal of any adverse findings and license discipline. If you suffer discipline, your retained attorney may also help you prove that you have satisfied all conditions for your license reinstatement. Professional license defense attorney Joseph D. Lento's winning defense involves much more than this brief summary reflects. The point is that skilled and experienced representation can head off a potential witch hunt while ensuring your best chance for success.

How to Respond to Paterson, NJ Licensing Proceedings

Your best way to respond to Paterson, New Jersey licensing proceedings is to always take prompt, firm, and well-considered action, rather than to delay your response or ignore needed action. And your first action should be to promptly retain professional license defense attorney Joseph D. Lento who will then ensure your timely and effective response. Do not retain an unqualified local criminal defense attorney. Criminal defense attorneys practice criminal law in the courts. That practice is very different from practicing before a state administrative body in disciplinary proceedings. The rules, customs, conventions, strategies, expectations, and even the goals, are all markedly different. After retaining your skilled and experienced license defense attorney, your next move should be to fully cooperate with that attorney. Immediately read and promptly reply to every email, text, letter, or other communication you receive from your attorney's office. Make your responses accurate and complete. Do not respond to requests from others relating to your disciplinary proceeding without first consulting your license defense attorney and following your attorney's instructions. And as much as you can, maintain your good health, confidence, demeanor, employment, and professional practices while professional license defense attorney Joseph D. Lento mounts your winning defense. You are a competent professional. Continue to prove your value to your patients, clients, employer, and self, even while you face disciplinary proceedings. You worked hard to build a professional reputation and practice. Don't let it slip away to the burdens of disciplinary charges.

Retain Paterson, NJ Professional License Defense

Professional license defense attorney Joseph D. Lento is Paterson, New Jersey's premier defender of licensed professionals. Attorney Lento's special skills and extensive experience in professional license defense win results for Paterson, New Jersey licensed professionals. Retaining attorney Lento for your Paterson, New Jersey professional license defense also gets you the special services of the Lento Law Firm's winning professional license defense team. Your Paterson, New Jersey professional practice is worth the best available defense. A license proceeding puts your professional reputation, practice, employment, and career at stake. Recognize the true cost of losing your Paterson, New Jersey professional license. Hire Paterson, New Jersey's preeminent professional license defense attorney and winning license defense team. Call 888.535.3686 or go online now.


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