Professional License Defense for Medical Professionals in Elizabeth, NJ

Facing Licensing Issues in Elizabeth, NJ

No Elizabeth, New Jersey professional wants to face licensing issues. Professional practice in Elizabeth, New Jersey, can be especially rewarding, given the area's culture, economy, and charms. Licensing issues, namely disciplinary charges, place that rewarding professional practice at risk. Professionals facing licensing issues sometimes don't immediately appreciate everything at stake in the proceeding. Licensed professionals naturally have many questions when first facing disciplinary charges. But most professionals have at least some idea that license discipline could mean losing their practice and job. That realization can frighten and confuse the professional who first gets notice of the disciplinary charges. The worst thing the professional can do in that situation, though, is to ignore or minimize the charge. Instead, promptly retain professional license defense attorney Joseph D. Lento, the best representation available in Elizabeth, New Jersey. Attorney Lento has successfully defended the licenses of many New Jersey professionals in the healthcare field and other fields. Some distress over disciplinary charges is natural. Yet when you turn to prompt and effective action, retaining attorney Lento, your concerns should ease, and you'll be ready to mount a winning defense.

Professional Misconduct in Elizabeth, NJ

Professional practice in Elizabeth, New Jersey, is indeed rewarding, even special. But that practice is not so special as to entirely avoid the risk of licensing charges and license discipline. Indeed, professional practice in Elizabeth can be every bit as challenging and even hazardous as professional practice elsewhere. Medical practice in Elizabeth, for instance, is generally just as demanding and sophisticated as elsewhere. Patients face the same injuries and illnesses, needing the same critical, competent, and timely care. And patients, clients, colleagues, and employers can make the same excessive demands and have equally unreasonable expectations, as elsewhere. Sometimes, a professional simply can't avoid the difficult situations that can lead to disciplinary charges. Elizabeth professionals also face similar personal issues as professionals elsewhere, issues that can contribute to or outright cause licensing proceedings. Common causes of license issues in Elizabeth, New Jersey, as in other locations, include:

  • Physical health problems due to injury, illness, or other cause
  • Mental or emotional health issues from lifestyle, stress, or trauma
  • Drug addiction from family history or mental and physical health factors
  • Alcohol abuse, leading to drunk driving or working under the influence
  • Professional conflicts involving patients, clients, or colleagues
  • Loss of housing due to foreclosure, eviction, sale, or other cause
  • Loss of transportation from vehicle accident or breakdown
  • Financial losses leaving unpaid bills and mounting debt
  • Family changes, including parent dependency, pregnancy, or divorce
  • Sexual issues involving patients, clients, or colleagues
  • Crime allegations indicating safety and unfitness issues
  • Personal problems with practice schedules and other obligations

Elizabeth, NJ Licensing Proceeding Stakes

Unfortunately, one cannot exaggerate the stakes that Elizabeth, New Jersey licensed professionals face in licensing proceedings. Licensing proceedings can result in the suspension or revocation of the professional's license. Losing a professional license in New Jersey generally means risking or losing a similar license in other states. The professional can't just move to another state to continue or resume practice, without dealing in that other state with the New Jersey license discipline. Losing a professional license means stopping the professional practice that the license permitted. Even a brief license suspension for, say, thirty days means stopping professional practice for that period, typically including notice of the suspension to patients, clients, and employers. Thus, license discipline often means an immediate loss of income, even loss of employment, with the corresponding loss of security and benefits. Losing income and benefits can mean losing a home, vehicle, and access to healthcare, and even losing a marriage and losing child custody. Those losses can contribute to mental and physical health declines. Again, it's not too much to say that you have everything on the line when facing Elizabeth, New Jersey licensing proceedings. With the stakes so high, retain the best available license defense representation. Hire attorney Joseph D. Lento and the Lento Law Firm's license defense team for a winning license defense.

Elizabeth, NJ Licensing Authorities

A state-level board will likely conduct your license disciplinary proceeding arising out of your professional practice in Elizabeth, New Jersey. That's because states, rather than cities, counties, or other locales, generally license professionals. Elizabeth, New Jersey, licenses many vocations, including taxicab owners, bus drivers, barbers and beauty salon owners, junk dealers, limousine drivers, massage therapists, theater operators, and solicitors. Your licensing issue could involve solely a local concern such as the location, terms, or conditions under which you offered your professional service. But more likely, your licensing issue involves allegations of unfitness for medical practice or other violations that are the concern of a state-level board. For instance, Elizabeth, New Jersey physicians must have a license in good standing from New Jersey's Board of Medical Examiners, which “is responsible for protecting the public's health and safety by determining qualifications of applicants for licensure, establishing standards for practice, and disciplining licensees who do not adhere to those requirements.” Advisory committees to the Board of Medical Examiners also license acupuncturists, athletic trainers, electrologists, genetic counselors, hearing aid dispensers, midwives, perfusionists, and physician assistants. Other New Jersey state boards license nurses, chiropractors, dentists, social workers, and professionals in other fields. When disciplinary officials find professional violations, those boards can suspend or revoke an Elizabeth, New Jersey professional's license. Expect to answer to those state authorities when facing a license disciplinary proceeding. You must be ready to show that you have complied and can continue to comply.

Elizabeth, NJ Licensed Professionals

Elizabeth, New Jersey, has a sufficiently large population and vital economy that the area can employ many professionals in healthcare and other fields. Professional services list active practices for physicians, accountants, auditors, tax specialists, nutritionists, plumbers, security professionals, architects, environmental engineers, and a host of other professions. Job search resources show that Elizabeth, New Jersey, has openings in the healthcare field for oncologists, registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, labor and delivery nurses, nurse practitioners, ICU nurses, emergency room nurses, psychiatrists, pharmacists, licensed professional counselors, licensed mental health therapists, and licensed clinical social workers, and in non-medical fields for accountants, software engineers, and many other professionals. You know the value of your Elizabeth, New Jersey professional employment and practice because you chose to use your professional license in the area. You also know the attractive housing, arts, culture, entertainment, schools, and recreation in and around Elizabeth. Don't let the professional practice and reputation you earned in Elizabeth go to waste because of license disciplinary proceedings. Professional license defense attorney Joseph D. Lento can help Elizabeth, New Jersey professionals in the healthcare professions, including doctors, dentists, nurses, physician assistants, chiropractors, counselors, therapists, and social workers, service professions like accounting, architecture, and engineering, and licensed professionals in many other fields.

Elizabeth, NJ Licensed Professional Employers

Professionals desiring to work in Elizabeth, New Jersey, need not open their own professional practices. Elizabeth, New Jersey, has the size and sophisticated economy to offer rewarding professional employment with large, quality corporate employers. Elizabeth-area hospital employers include Trinitas Regional Medical Center and nearby Newark Beth Israel Hospital, Saint Michael's Medical Center, Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, Richmond University Medical Center, Bayonne Medical Center, and University Hospital. Elizabeth, New Jersey corporate employers of other professionals inside and outside the medical field include Alpha Wire, Atalanta, Romark Logistics, and Swissray International. National corporations employing professionals in Elizabeth, New Jersey include Teva Pharmaceuticals, Novolex, NEMF, and ACV Enviro. Don't lose your opportunity to continue your professional employment in and around Elizabeth, New Jersey. If you face license disciplinary proceedings, retain professional license defense attorney Joseph D. Lento for your best defense.

Elizabeth, NJ Licensing Proceedings

Licensing proceedings in Elizabeth, New Jersey, will generally follow the procedures of the involved state licensing board. Of course, when you retain professional license defense attorney Joseph D. Lento, you gain the skilled and experienced representation of one who knows how to strategically invoke and deploy those procedures for your winning defense. But you, too, should learn what you can of those procedures so that you can fully support your retained attorney's winning defense. Disciplinary proceedings usually have both an investigatory process and adjudicatory process. Investigation begins with accusations of a professional violation. You and your retained attorney may, with prompt and diplomatic action, satisfy your accuser that you did nothing wrong. But if the accusations reach disciplinary officials who judge the accusations to support a sufficiently serious violation, those officials may serve a formal complaint against you. You and your retained attorney will answer the complaint, providing information on which the officials may dismiss the charge. Otherwise, officials will continue to investigate up to a pre-hearing conference at which, once again, your retained attorney may negotiate the charge's dismissal. Charges not dismissed proceed to a formal hearing before a panel of independent decision makers. Your retained attorney may cross-examine witnesses and present your own testimony and witnesses at that hearing. If you suffer any license discipline after the hearing, your retained attorney may pursue an appeal. Your retained attorney may also help you satisfy all conditions for your license's prompt reinstatement. Attorney Lento's skilled and experienced representation can prevent a witch hunt, holding disciplinary officials to the protective procedures promoting your winning defense.

How to Respond to Elizabeth, NJ Licensing Proceedings

The key to a winning defense is that you promptly retain professional license defense attorney Joseph D. Lento for his special skills and extensive experience. Yet your other response to disciplinary proceedings remains important. You still have critical ways in which your actions can promote your success. Foremost, you should promptly read, review, and respond to every communication from your retained attorney and the attorney's office. Your defense may depend on providing prompt, accurate, and complete information to your retained attorney. Ignoring your retained attorney's calls and communications could cripple, delay, compromise, and even lose your defense. Next, don't communicate with others about your matter unless your retained attorney authorizes you to do so. Your retained attorney will help you ensure that your responses to legitimate requests for information are accurate, timely, sensitive, helpful, and complete. Otherwise, what you tell investigators and others, disciplinary officials can and will use against you. Sloppy, careless, incomplete, and inaccurate communications can undermine your proper defense. Also, keep your chin up and keep a clear head. If your license status and employer permit you to do so, continue your professional practice with your best professional performance and personal intention. You built your professional practice over time. Don't let it slip away quickly because of a distracting licensing proceeding. Your actions matter. Help attorney Lento pursue and achieve a winning defense.

Professional License Defense for Elizabeth, NJ

Professional license defense attorney Joseph D. Lento is Elizabeth, New Jersey's premier defender of licensed professionals. Don't hire a local criminal defense attorney who lacks experience in professional license defense and the administrative procedures that license defense follows. Criminal attorneys defend criminal charges in criminal courts. License proceedings are completely different, addressing licensed professionals facing licensing allegations in administrative forums. From having successfully represented many professionals in many fields, attorney Lento has the special skills, extensive experience, and passionate commitment to get Elizabeth, New Jersey professionals winning licensing proceedings results. When you retain attorney Lento for your Elizabeth, New Jersey professional license defense, you also retain the Lento Law Firm's premier professional license defense team. Don't delay with your Elizabeth, New Jersey professional license, practice, and career at stake. Consider the full cost of losing your Elizabeth, New Jersey professional license. Get the best available Elizabeth, New Jersey professional license defense. Call 888.535.3686 or go online now.


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