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If you face disciplinary charges against your CPA license from Oregon's Board of Accountancy, then you have a great deal at stake in your coming disciplinary proceedings. The Oregon Board of Accountancy can revoke or suspend your CPA license, meaning that you would be unable to continue your CPA employment and practice and would lose your CPA income. Don't ignore or minimize the risks of disciplinary charges. Instead, retain the Lento Law Firm's premier Professional License Defense Team to defend your Oregon Board of Accountancy disciplinary charges. Call 888.535.3686 or chat with us now as your best possible move to protect your Oregon CPA license, practice, career, and income.

Oregon CPA Practice Rewards

You have likely enjoyed the rewards of Oregon CPA practice. You know the vibrant and diversified economies of the state's metropolitan areas, supporting thriving businesses of all sizes and significant charitable organizations and other concerns needing your CPA services. Portland, Eugene, Salem, Gresham, Hillsboro, Bend, Beaverton, Medford, Springfield, Corvallis, Auburn, Tigard, Lake Oswego, Grants Pass, Aloha, and other Oregon cities and towns also support families and individuals in need of your CPA tax and accounting services. You may have gainful employment opportunities across Oregon at many of its large, mid-sized, or small accounting firms like Grant Thornton, Now CFO, Protiviti, Deloitte, Withum, Accenture, KPMG, EY, and KMK Ventures, among many others. You also know how attractive the state's natural environment is. Don't lose all those rewards to disciplinary charges. Get our defense help.

Nationwide Stakes to Oregon CPA Discipline

Oregon's Board of Accountancy, like accountancy boards in many other states, has the statutory and regulatory authority to endorse CPA licenses from other states. Endorsement means the CPA applying for licensure need not retake the CPA exam and repeat other work experience, good character, and documentation requirements for licensure. Yet, if you suffer discipline on your Oregon CPA license, you will likely lose the ability to seek reciprocal licensure by endorsement in other states. Reciprocity is great when your license is in good standing. But you lose all those advantages when you suffer license discipline, turning them into disadvantages, likely barring your licensure either by endorsement or even by examination in other states. Your Oregon licensing proceeding has nationwide implications. You could lose your opportunity to practice as a CPA across the United States. Don't ignore Oregon disciplinary charges, thinking that you'll just go practice in another state. Instead, retain our Professional License Defense Team to face and defend the charges.

Oregon CPA Licensure

You must obtain and maintain your Oregon CPA license if you intend to continue your CPA practice in the state. Oregon Statutes Section 673.100 establishes and authorizes the Oregon Board of Accountancy to issue licenses to qualified CPA candidates seeking their first CPA license. Section 673.153 authorizes reciprocal endorsement of an Oregon CPA license for candidates already licensed in other states. Oregon Statutes Section 673.360 authorizes the Board of Accountancy to get a court injunction ordering that an individual practicing without a valid license cease and desist or face contempt of court penalties. If you lose your CPA license to disciplinary charges, you will violate these provisions if you attempt to continue your CPA practice in Oregon. Your employer will be well aware of the risk and embarrassment of a court cease and desist order and will not permit your continued CPA practice. You must not practice public accountancy once you suffer license revocation or suspension unless and until you regain your license through a reinstatement process. Don't lose your ability to practice and earn a living through public accountancy. Instead, retain us to defend your charges.

Oregon CPA Qualifications

You know how difficult it was to obtain your Oregon CPA license. You had to meet the Oregon Board of Accountancy's statutory requirements for licensure, set forth in Oregon Statutes Sections 673.050, 673.060, and 673.100. Those requirements include that you earn the requisite accounting degree from an accredited institution, that you pass the CPA examination, and that you complete the work experience the Board of Accountancy requires to prove your competence, experience, skill, and good character. You also had to provide transcripts, authorization for a criminal background check, and other documentation supporting your CPA license application. You made a significant investment in obtaining your Oregon CPA license. You have likely enjoyed the financial, professional, and other personal rewards of that Oregon CPA license. Don't lose your license to disciplinary charges.

Oregon CPA Disciplinary Authority

Oregon Statutes Section 673.170 and related statutory provisions expressly authorize the Oregon Board of Accountancy to receive disciplinary complaints, investigate those complaints, file disciplinary charges, and impose disciplinary sanctions up to license revocation or suspension. The Oregon Board of Accountancy staffs, trains, and empowers its disciplinary officials to pursue discipline and prove the Board's charges. You are generally facing a skilled professional experienced in prosecuting disciplinary cases before the administrative tribunals when you face Oregon CPA disciplinary charges. Disciplinary officials will have the authority, resources, and commitment of the Board of Accountancy to pursue and impose sanctions to protect clients and the public. Don't think that discipline is an overlooked or minor function of the Oregon Board of Accountancy. On the contrary, disciplinary matters get high priority from the officials employed to pursue them. Instead, level the playing field by retaining our highly skilled and experienced Professional License Defense Team attorneys.

Oregon CPA Disciplinary Decisions

CPAs who suffer Oregon Board of Accountancy discipline won't be able to hide their discipline from persons and organizations important to their practice. The Oregon Board of Accountancy makes written findings when it determines to discipline a licensed CPA. The Board of Accountancy then publishes disciplinary action reports online for the whole world to see. Those disciplinary action reports list not only the name, license number, and discipline of the accused CPA but also the statutory wrongs that the CPA allegedly committed. Your employer, prospective employers, other licensing bodies in other states or professions, professional colleagues, clients, acquaintances, friends, and family members will all be able to look up and discover your discipline. It is better to fight the charges effectively and strategically to avoid all discipline. Let us help.

Oregon CPA Disciplinary Sanctions

Oregon Statutes Section 673.170 not only authorizes license revocation and suspension but also limitations and restrictions on your CPA license, reprimands, and probation dependent on your fulfilling terms and conditions like additional education, training, and periodic peer review. The statute also gives the Board of Accountancy the authority to impose other sanctions, depending on the circumstances. While these other sanctions can seem intimidating, under the right approach, our attorneys may be able to negotiate alternative relief for you that avoids a finding of discipline. We may be able to show the Board's disciplinary officials that no one suffered any harm and that you are at no risk to clients or the public after additional education, training, or peer review. Let us help you explore an early voluntary resolution of your disciplinary charges that avoids disciplinary harm and enables you to continue your CPA employment and practice.

Oregon CPA License Reinstatement

Even if you have already lost your Oregon CPA license, we may be able to help you regain it. Oregon Statutes Section 673.210 authorizes reinstatement of a suspended or revoked CPA license. Reinstatement is not automatic, presumptive, or a given. Instead, you must make a convincing written application to the Board of Accountancy and must also attend a hearing to convince the panel that you are not a threat to clients or the public and that you deserve CPA license reinstatement. Section 673.210 authorizes the Board not only to reissue your CPA license but also to modify its prior sanctions. We may be able to help you reverse sanctions previously imposed and restore your good standing, license, and reputation. Let us help you prepare the written application and attend the hearing at which you will present your reinstatement evidence.

Grounds for Oregon CPA Discipline

Oregon Statutes Section 673.170 states the grounds on which the Board of Accountancy may impose discipline against your CPA license. Disciplinary officials must have statutory grounds to act, although the grounds that the statute lists are quite broad, incorporating Board standards and professional rules of conduct. Nonetheless, the grounds that the Board of Accountancy claims for your discipline may be important to your effective defense, as the following discussion of the more common grounds shows.

Corrupt Practice as Grounds for Oregon CPA Discipline

Oregon Code Section 40-2-110 authorizes the Board of Accountancy to discipline for “dishonesty, fraud, or gross negligence” in your performance of CPA accounting practices. Corrupt practice can involve your failure to file your own tax returns, preparing false tax returns or financial statements for a client, and other similar reckless or deliberate wrongs. Our attorneys may be able to help you show that your work was accurate rather than dishonest or wrong or that others performed the disputed work in which you were not substantially involved.

Credentials Fraud as Grounds for Oregon CPA Discipline

Oregon Code Section 40-2-110 also authorizes the Board of Accountancy to discipline you for fraud or deceit in your application for a CPA license or renewal application. Credentials fraud can include things like misrepresentations of your education or work experience on your original application, omissions of criminal convictions and other disqualifying events from your renewal application, and even cheating on the CPA exam. Our attorneys may be able to help you show that your representations were accurate and complete or that any inaccuracies or omissions were unintentional and not material to the Board's decision to issue or renew your license.

Incompetence or Unfitness as Grounds for Oregon CPA Discipline

Oregon Code Section 40-2-110 also authorizes the Board of Accountancy to discipline for incompetence, lack of knowledge and ability, or unfitness in accountancy practice. Consistently violating accounting practice standards may demonstrate incompetence, while practicing or attempting to practice while impaired may constitute unfitness. Our attorneys may be able to help you show that your accounting work met all customs and standards, that you practiced only while fit, and that you have corrected any alleged impairment.

Criminal Conviction as Grounds for Oregon CPA Discipline

Oregon Code Section 40-2-110 also authorizes the Board of Accountancy to discipline for conviction of any crime involving fraud or dishonesty, like criminal fraud, embezzlement, theft, burglary, or conversion. Our attorneys may be able to help you show that you did not suffer the alleged conviction, a court reversed or expunged your conviction, or your conviction was not for a disqualifying crime.

Oregon CPA Disciplinary Procedures

Fortunately, you have a constitutional due process right to contest your disciplinary charges in a fair hearing. Oregon Statutes Section 673.185 incorporates the state's administrative procedures act for its contested matter hearing procedures. Those procedures guarantee you reasonable notice of the charges and a formal hearing before an independent administrative law judge. You also have the right to retain us as your defense counsel to assist you in the conduct of your defense.

Defense Attorney Services for Oregon CPAs

We can help you invoke the Oregon Board of Accountancy's due process procedures for the strategic defense of your charges. Our attorneys can help you acquire, organize, and present your exonerating and mitigating evidence, conduct informal resolution conferences to negotiate early voluntary dismissal of the charges or conduct the formal hearing at which we can cross-examine adverse witnesses while presenting your own evidence. Don't go unrepresented, and don't retain unqualified criminal defense counsel. Get the skilled and experienced representation of our Professional License Defense Team attorneys.

Premier Oregon CPA Defense Services

The Lento Law Firm's premier Professional License Defense Team is available anywhere in Oregon for your CPA license defense. Hundreds of professionals have trusted their professional license defense to our highly qualified attorneys. Call 888.535.3686 or chat with us now.


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