License Defense for Physicians - Kentucky

The Lento Law Firm Can Help You Protect Your Kentucky Physician's License

Your Kentucky physician's license is the direct result of years of studying, hard work, and investments from you. It allows you to practice your craft, care for those in your community who need medical help, and provide for yourself and your family.

Many Kentucky physicians aren't aware of how easy it is to lose their licenses. If you're facing disciplinary actions from the Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure, you need to know that the KBML could easily suspend or even revoke your license — which would have an immediate and disastrous effect on your professional reputation and ability to earn a living.

Fortunately, Kentucky physicians who are worried about losing their licenses have options. With the Professional License Defense Team at the Lento Law Firm on your side, you can feel confident about your ability to tell your side of the story, negotiate reduced disciplinary measures with the KBML, and work towards your ideal outcome of walking away from this challenging experience with your reputation and career intact.

The premier services of the Lento Law Firm Team include helping you assess and understand your situation, providing tailored-to-you legal guidance, and assisting with experienced representation to help you move forward successfully. Our team is proud to represent Kentucky physicians all across the Bluegrass State, from Louisville and Lexington to Bowling Green, Owensboro, and Covington.

If a KBML investigation is in your future, don't hesitate to secure a strong defense. Call us at 888.535.3686 today, or connect with us online to retain the unparalleled legal counsel of the Lento Law Firm Team.

What are Specific Kentucky State Authorities that Oversee License Defense for Physicians?

The state authority and principal governing body that oversees physician regulations and licenses is the Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure. This board, often abbreviated as the KBML, has the authority to issue, deny, renew, suspend, and even revoke the licenses of physicians practicing in the state of Kentucky.

Their goal is simple: The KBML wants to ensure that the citizens of Kentucky can count on safe, high-quality medical care.

To help safeguard the Kentucky patient experience, the KBML handles any complaints that are lodged against doctors practicing in the state. If the complaints seem legitimate and serious, the KBML may launch an investigation and (if the doctor seems responsible for the allegations) recommend disciplinary actions.

The KBML has a set of rules and regulations that it upholds. All Kentucky physicians should be aware of these rules. However, simply following the rules doesn't guarantee that you won't be the center of an unexpected KBML investigation. Complaints are filed against Kentucky physicians all the time as a result of mistakes or miscommunications. Figuring out how to navigate the KBML's complex disciplinary processes can be a nightmare. Retaining the experienced attorneys of the Lento Law Firm Team to help you sort out your situation and move forward is the best thing you can do to protect your mind, your reputation, and your future.

Which Processes and Rules Do Kentucky Physicians Have to Abide By?

If you're a physician working anywhere in Kentucky, whether you're in a populous city like Lexington and Louisville or in a smaller, closer-knit community like Owensboro, you'll be operating under similar rules and regulations.

The KBML owns and enforces these regulations. Their general goal is simple — to ensure that physicians in the state provide high standards of medical care.

The specific Kentucky legal language that prescribes these regulations is in the Kentucky Medical Practice Act. That Act outlines several key rules that medical professionals should know about.

For example, a subsection of the Kentucky Medical Practice Act notes that there are various actions that a medical professional can be involved in that will lead to disciplinary repercussions.

These actions include:

  • Practicing medication under a fake name
  • Impersonating another healthcare practitioner
  • Practicing medication outside of the scope of their license
  • Using deceptive advertising
  • Practicing medication under the influence — or even, in some cases, misusing or overusing certain substances in their personal lives
  • Being convicted of specific types of felonies (usually those related to medicine)

This is not an exhaustive list. If a Kentucky physician allegedly violates any of a multitude of ethical guidelines, KBML may choose to investigate.

And, of course, violating ethical guidelines is not the sole reason the KBML may choose to investigate a Kentucky physician. For example, if a Kentucky physician fails to complete their mandated continuing education hours, that can trigger an investigation and subsequent license suspension or revocation. Though it may seem like a lesser offense, failing to invest in continuing education can result in a physician no longer being able to practice medicine. (And pursuing reinstatement, even in these “lesser” situations, can take longer than you think!)

Physicians who anticipate these challenges in their future need to seek the experienced counsel of the Professional License Defense Team of the Lento Law Firm. Doing so can help you navigate the challenges ahead with confidence.

How Can Kentucky Physicians Tell Their Side of the Story Effectively?

If you're facing a disciplinary event that could jeopardize your ability to be employed, do what you love, and build your reputation, you need to move forward with as much strategy as possible.

For example, the specific ability to tell your side of the story well will be critical. Your ability to communicate your experiences and position can impact the way your case proceeds.

Here's the single best way for a Kentucky physician to tell their side of the story well: Engage the services of the Professional License Defense Team at the Lento Law Firm. Our experienced attorneys will be able to understand how your story fits into the complicated legal landscape. We'll also be able to provide targeted guidance about the best ways to present your case.

After retaining our team, we'll work toward the following goals to help further bolster your story.

  1. We'll gather as much robust evidence as possible to support your case.
  2. We'll do our research and craft you a detailed, thoughtful statement that clearly reflects your perspective on what happened.
  3. We'll help you communicate with the KBML respectfully and transparently.
  4. We'll assist you with optics — for example, helping you remain professional and composed throughout your entire disciplinary experience.
  5. We'll help you fully participate in your defense, ensuring that you understand what's happening at every stage of the process.

Being able to tell your side of the story well can make or break your case. Our Professional License Defense Team will help you do so in the best way possible — no matter where you practice in Kentucky.

Inside the Process: The Kentucky Medical Board's Investigative and Disciplinary Procedures

The KBML has a multi-step process that it uses to investigate and discipline physicians who may be responsible for unwanted behaviors. Knowing what to expect can help, so here's a quick timeline of events. Your case may look a little different, but these are the basic things that happen in a KBML case:

  1. The complaint. The KBML's entire process gets started when someone lodges a complaint against a Kentucky physician. Just about anyone can file a complaint, but usual complainants are patients, other healthcare professionals, or insurance companies. After receiving the complaint, the KBML will perform an initial assessment to determine whether to investigate the complaint.
  2. The investigation. If the KBML is interested in learning more about the situation that prompted the complaint, it will launch an investigation. If you're the center of this investigation, you may be asked to provide a written response to the allegations. (Our team can help you draft this response.)
  3. A hearing or conference. If the KBML finds evidence that you may be responsible for violations of expected professional standards, you may receive an invitation to an informal disciplinary conference. You may also be invited to a formal hearing before a panel of board members. Either way, this may represent your chance to tell your side of the story. (Our team will help with this part, too.)
  4. At the end of your hearing or conference, the KBML will review all of the information collected and issue you a disciplinary recommendation.

Disciplinary Recommendations: Legal Actions the KBML Can Take

Any engagement with the KBML can be nerve-wracking.

It may not particularly help your nerves to know the full range of disciplinary actions the KBML can recommend, but it may help you move your case forward as effectively as possible.

The KBML can recommend and enforce many types of actions, including:

  1. A dismissal of the complaint. If the KBML doesn't find evidence supporting the complaint in its initial investigation or if our attorneys are able to meet with the KBML and present convincing evidence countering the claim, the board may simply dismiss the complaint. This can head a lot of frustration off early on, so it's an invaluable strategy to consider if you're able to get started as soon as possible after the initial complaint.
  2. A letter of agreement. This is usually a less severe type of disciplinary action that recognizes the complaint and involves some sort of corrective plan, such as mandatory continuing education, that does not necessarily impact the physician's license.
  3. Probation. The board might decide to keep a closer eye on the doctor's actions for a period of probationary time. The terms of probation can vary widely. If the KBML recommends probation, our attorneys can review the terms and help you determine if this is an acceptable outcome.
  4. Fines or restitution. In some cases, the KBML may require the impacted physician to pay a monetary penalty before closing the matter.
  5. License suspension or revocation. If the complaint is severe and substantiated, the KBML may suspend or revoke a physician's license and prevent the physician from practicing medicine.

If you're facing serious discipline from the KBML, you need to take it seriously. However, you don't need to accept it as your fate. If you disagree with the KBML, you can pursue alternative outcomes.

Decoding the Appeals Process: How Does the KBML Appeals Process Work?

Here's the good news: If you, as a Kentucky physician, are dissatisfied with the decision the KBML made, you have options. You can appeal, and this can certainly cause the KBML to reconsider its position.

The bad news is that the appeals process is both complex and demanding.

Fortunately, we have more good news: Our Professional License Defense Team has years of experience working within this process to help Kentucky physicians protect their futures.

Here's a quick overview of what you can expect:

  1. You'll file a formal request for reconsideration. After the KBML issues its initial decision, you'll have a short amount of time to file a request for the board to think again about its disciplinary recommendations. In this request, you'll need to state your official reason for disagreeing with the board and your argument for a lesser disciplinary sanction. Ideally, you'll have new, relevant information and evidence to share, but you'll only have a short window of time to work in. (That's where our team can provide valuable assistance.)
  2. You may attend an administrative hearing. The KBML may, in some cases, simply respond to your request for reconsideration with their answer. In other cases, you may need to request an administrative hearing. In this hearing, you'll have a chance to present your evidence, go over witness testimonies, and even perform cross-examinations. This experience can be nerve-wracking, but it can also really help you and your case.
  3. Often, this will be enough to prompt the board to reconsider its stance. If not, you may be able to escalate the appeal to another court, such as your appropriate Circuit Court. You may have to appeal the decision to your court within a specific (and small) timeframe, and there will be other logistics that you'll need to handle. Our attorneys at the Lento Law Firm can help you with this.
  4. If you need to escalate further, you can move the appeal to the Kentucky Court of Appeals. This will be a long process, and you'll need to make your appeal to a panel of judges (which will be intimidating).
  5. If you need to escalate this even further, your final appeal could be to the Kentucky Supreme Court. This sounds serious, and it is.

The Lento Law Firm Team will be happy to take your appeal as far as is necessary to get you your sought-after result. While we're confident about going to court, we've also seen good results with direct negotiation with the KBML. Our team will assess your unique situation, recommend the best course of action for you, and then help you protect your reputation and your future.

Why You Need a Physician License Defense Attorney in Kentucky

Uncertain; confused; frustrated; lost. You may feel many things when you realize that your state's medical board will be investigating you for alleged professional misconduct.

That's why you need to reach out to the Professional License Defense Team at once. Our team has years of experience assisting physicians across the country as they battle charges and figure out the best possible way to protect their careers. Give us a call, and we'll start working to help you accomplish similar goals.

There are three specific reasons having our team on your side will help you and your case.

  1. The KBML has a vast network of talent and resources at its disposal to investigate the allegations against you. You're up against an institution far larger and more powerful than you are alone. The board will be able to produce expert witnesses and navigate relevant laws with ease. By working with our team, you'll be able to level the playing field and answer the allegations against you with a robust defense.
  2. Secondly, it's key that you realize Kentucky's medical board only needs to establish the charges against you by a preponderance of the evidence. This means that to charge you, the board only really needs to demonstrate that it's more likely than not that you are responsible for the alleged infractions. (This is substantially different from needing to establish charges beyond a reasonable doubt, which is the standard of proof in different types of disciplinary proceedings.) This means that you need to present as much evidence as possible, and the strongest arguments available, to support your innocence. Otherwise, the board will have an easy time concluding that you're responsible, which can result in steep disciplinary recommendations.
  3. Finally, consider the fact that you're going to be incredibly stressed at this time. You will not have the bandwidth or presence of mind to concentrate on minute details of the law or keep an eye out for potentially game-changing evidence. The seasoned attorneys of the Lento Law Firm Team will be able to bring a much more levelheaded perspective to your case. We can help you understand what's happening, understand your rights, know your options, and navigate the complex procedures before you with finesse.

Securing Your Professional Future: How a Kentucky Physician License Defense Attorney Can Assist You

Physicians battling license-related challenges in Kentucky need to know, first and foremost, what they're up against.

That accomplished, and the stakes fully realized, Kentucky physicians secondly need to know that they can do something to work toward a successful income.

In other words, if you're a physician living and practicing in Louisville, Lexington, Bowling Green, Owensboro, or any other metro area in the state, you need to be prepared to defend your license. The way you can do that is simple: You retain the premier services of the Lento Law Firm's Professional License Defense Team.

Our team can help you in many ways, including:

  • Opening direct lines of communication between our team (on your behalf) and the KBML
  • Informally presenting evidence and arguments to help you tell your side of the story effectively
  • Providing clarity, dispelling miscommunications, and potentially forestalling formal proceedings
  • If formal proceedings occur, preparing you for a hearing with the strongest possible defense
  • Providing representation as needed to help you position yourself as well as possible during your hearing
  • Assisting you with the appeals process — taking your case as far as your unique case requires to protect you and your reputation

Areas We Serve in Kentucky

The Lento Law Firm Team is ready to help physicians in need of license defense both nationwide and anywhere in the state of Kentucky.

Our areas of service extend to:

  • Louisville
  • Bowling Green
  • Lexington
  • Owensboro
  • Covington

If you're a physician who works at Baptist Health Lexington, St. Elizabeth Edgewood-Covington Hospitals, Baptist Health Louisville, Norton Hospital, or the University of Kentucky Albert B. Chandler Hospital, we're ready to help you tackle your case. Call the Professional License Defense Team at once to ensure your strong defense.

If You Require Assistance Protecting Your KY Physician License, We're Here to Help

Kentucky physicians are often under a significant amount of scrutiny. The state wants to make sure, after all, that Kentucky physicians are always providing their patients with stellar, safe medical care.

This is a good thing. However, if you're facing unwarranted or unfair charges that could have an outsized impact on your reputation, career, and future, you need to be prepared to take specific, strategic action to protect yourself and those you love.

Whether you practice in Louisville, Lexington, or Bowling Green, the Professional License Defense Team at the Lento Law Firm is ready to help you answer any allegations of misconduct that you may be facing. Our team serves physicians both nationwide and in Kentucky — so no matter where you are, we're ready to provide invaluable assistance.

Retain the premier services of the Professional License Defense Team today by giving us a call at 888.535.3686. Alternatively, you can fill out this brief form to tell us more about your case.


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